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Developing Early Literacy:

Easy Everyday Practices for Parents, Librarians, Teachers, & Caregivers

This free webinar is adapted from an early literacy and storytime workshop my former manager and I used to give at local training conferences for child care providers and preschool teachers. I decided to break it up and just focus on early literacy skills and practices, and to broaden the scope so that it was relevant to children ages birth through age 6 and included information appropriate for settings beyond the classroom or library. This webinar is designed to provide a more in-depth understanding of early literacy skills and how the everyday practices help develop them, rather than just a quick snapshot.

Content: Defining early literacy, early literacy skills, the why's and how's of everyday practices that help develop early literacy skills with examples, tips on selecting books for various ages and reading aloud, how your library can help, and websites for more info.

Intended Audience: This webinar is appropriate for parents, new or future children's librarians and paraprofessionals, preschool teachers and aides, and childcare providers.

*For best viewing on a PC, click through to watch on YouTube, rather than staying in the embedded version.

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