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Super Library Girl!
I currently work in Outreach as a paraprofessional, providing early literacy programs to hundreds of preschoolers in area daycares every month. In plain English, I do storytime. Lots of storytime! It is so much fun getting to work with kids everyday; they are so appreciative and say the funniest things! I also work the service desk one afternoon a week, and occasionally help with other library programs for all ages.

I like working at the library so much that I recently decided to go back to school to get an MLIS and hopefully become a full-fledged children's librarian one day, or at least a full-time children's programming specialist. I really enjoy working not only with children, but with families as well, helping instill a love of reading and connecting people with the materials and services they need. I like doing a little bit of everything: customer service, reference, reader's advisory, collection development, and of course, programming.

I am an information junkie, a voracious reader, and I've always enjoyed working with kids, so it would seem that being a children's librarian would be an obvious choice, wouldn't it? However, it took me awhile to come to this realization. Initially I went into science education, and I've been a teacher, a biomedical researcher, and a stay-at-home mom. While a SAHM, I had a cake business on the side and volunteered within the school system in various capacities. When I decided to go back to work part-time, I ended up as a page in the children's department at the public library, and the rest is history. Better late than never!

Elliot the Eurasion Eagle Owl
I do have cats and wear reading glasses, but only occasionally wear cardigans and never a bun. I can find Waldo, I would never let the Pigeon drive the bus, and I know who the monster is at the end of the book. I've never watched Dr. Who, or Downton Abbey, and I'm not a fan of The Walking Dead, but I am a Trekkie-by-marriage, love The Big Bang Theory, and I could watch Matilda and The Wedding Singer over and over. I read all kinds of books in many genres (lately I've been drawn to historical fiction and biographies) and enjoy most of them, but unlike seemingly everyone else, I do not really have a favorite book or author.

In addition to my cats, I am the mother of a very challenging teenager and a very driven future rocket scientist, and caretaker for said future rocket scientist's leopard gecko while she's away at college.  I started this blog as a creative outlet and to document and record the programs I've done and my developing skills. If I can get some feedback or inspire others along the way, so much the better!

You can contact me by email at AdventuresInStorytime@gmail.com

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