Making Reading Fun:

Practical Tips for Promoting Literacy, Motivating Reluctant Readers, and Inspiring Lifelong Reading

This free webinar is adapted from a training presentation I gave for staff of the after-school program at the local public school system, and focuses on factors involved in encouraging and supporting literacy and helping to develop positive reading attitudes and habits, with specific recommendations for school-age children. 

Content: Why reading is important, factors that encourage (and discourage) reading, causes of reluctant readers, considerations for reluctant readers, helpful materials that are often overlooked and/or undervalued, suggested books and authors, activities that support and reinforce literacy, how your public and school libraries can help.

Intended Audience: This webinar is appropriate for parents, teachers, library staff, paraprofessionals, and childcare providers, or anyone else who works with children ages 5-12. Much of the general information presented would also apply to older kids as well, though not some of the specific examples.

The bibliography of suggested materials for school-age reluctant readers referred to in the webinar can be downloaded here: 

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