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This blog started out as a challenge from my then 12-year old son, who is, in his mind, a computer genius.  He seems to be under the impression that computers and the internet didn't exist until his generation for some reason; he thinks he knows everything about computers and we know nothing.  Anyway, one night he was scoffing at my computer skills and said I didn't even know how to blog.  Now, I'd never had a reason to blog, but I'm not one to back down from a challenge :)

So, I thought for a minute about what I could blog about, and decided since I found other storytime blogs to be very helpful I would start one of my own, from the unique perspective of someone who is just starting out, and was not yet a librarian.  I popped over to Blogger, and voila, in a few minutes I had the bare bones of a blog, and by the next day I had written my bio and several posts to be published over the next few days.  I showed it to a few people who thought it was good, and encouraged me to continue, and I have.  I hope others who are interested in children's literature and storytime find it useful.  I try to not just show what books and activities I use, but WHY I chose them, and how they worked, and I include some commentary about various things related to youth services . I would love to get some comments!

While I do enjoy doing storytime and that is my primary duty in my current position, it is not my only professional interest or ability.  My ideal position would be one that had a balance of everything:  customer service, reader's advisory, reference, collection maintenance & development, some programming for varied ages, and support duties.  I love interacting with patrons of all ages and doing a little bit of everything!

In order to demonstrate some of my other skills and interests, I started another blog called Jen's Library Tales where I share reviews primarily on middle-grade and young adult books, with a few adult books as well, along with my experiences working at the service desk, and occasional commentary on topics such as customer service, reader's advisory, and collection development. However, after starting on my MLIS and realizing I just didn't have the time or content to maintain a second blog, I have since retired the second blog and instead expanded the scope of this blog to include other things besides storytime, particularly other programming.

Visit my Facebook Page "Adventures In Storytime" and "Like" it for another way to follow my posts and join in the discussion.  I really would like to hear from some of you! You can also contact me by email at AdventuresInStorytime@gmail.com

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