Monday, July 27, 2015

New Picture Books!

I grabbed a few picture books off the new shelf to review, fortunately I had much better luck than last month and found a few good ones.

How To Spy On A Shark by Lori Haskins Houran, illustrated by Francisca Marquez.  March 1, 2015.  Albert Whitman & Company.  24 pages.  Ages 4-7.

This non-fiction picture book shows some of the steps involved in studying sharks, with very brief, short explanations just right for very young kids and early readers, with fairly realistic drawings.  At the end of the book is more detailed information for adults to read and explain if they wish.

Somehow I missed this book when it first came out back in the Spring.  It is the perfect level and amount of information for younger kids who are curious about sharks and how they are studied, but are easily overwhelmed with too many details.  I like that the more detailed information is given at the end so that and adult can read and discuss it with the child(ren).  This would be good for a beginning reader, or could work for a storytime to introduce some factual information.

Sniff!  Sniff! by Ryan Sias, April 7, 2015. Harry N. Abrams.  32 pages.  Ages 3-7.

On each 2-page spread, see what the doggie smells and guess where he is going next.  On the first page, he smells bacon, pancakes, and oranges.....Breakfast!

This is a short, simple book with very little text and bright illustrations with heavy outlines, perfect for younger kids.  I think it would be great for a 3-5 year old storytime, but I personally think it's a bit short & simple for 7 year-olds.  I like that it has little text, but plenty of action and is interactive. 

The Fly by Petr Horacek, May 12, 2015.  Candelwick, 32 pages.  Ages 3-7.

What has two googly eyes, six hairy legs, and two transparent wings?  The narrator of this story, the common housefly.  As he goes throughout his day, the poor fly is constantly getting swatted at, but he doesn't understand why no one wants him around.

This simple but humorous story is sure to work well for a preschool or kindergarten storytime.  Kids will enjoy the sounds of the flyswatter smacking and discussing whether they think cows smell lovely, and the ending is sure to get a few laughs and giggles.

Billy and Goat At The State Fair by Dan Yaccarino, June 30, 2015.  Knopf Books for Young Readers.  40 pages.  Ages 3-7.

Billy and Goat were best friends, and did just about everything together, though not in the same way.  While Billy liked to swing, Goat liked to push.  Billy liked to smell the flowers, and Goat liked to eat them.  Billy liked reading adventure stories, and Goat wanted to have real adventures.  One day Billy decided to enter Goat in the Best Goat contest at the fair.  Instead of waiting patiently in the barn for the contest like he should, Goat leads Billy on a series of adventures and hijinks at the fair.

This is a cute story with bright, sharp illustrations and plenty of action.  It is a little on the longer side, with a few more pages and a bit more text on each page, so would probably work best as a one-on-one read, or in a storytime with older kids who have a longer attention span.

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