Friday, February 12, 2016

Flannel Friday - Hearts!

I made a couple of quick and easy felt sets to use for my "Love"- themed storytime. 

First, I cut out 5 red felt hearts using an Ellison die cutter, then I printed out the letters to spell "HEART" in a large font to use as patterns and cut them out of pink felt.  I would first place the hearts on the board, having the audience count them as I did.  Next, I would put the letters up one by one.  I would see if the kids could tell me the beginning and ending letters by their sounds, and for the middle ones I would put them up and see if they could name them.  Then, we would sing a spelling song to the tune of "B-I-N-G-O".


I know a shape and it means "Love,"
and "Heart" is it's name-oh.
H - E - A - R - T
H - E - A - R - T
H - E - A - R - T
and "Heart" is it's name-oh!
Then for each successive verse, I would remove one letter and we would clap in it's place, leaving the blank heart as a place-holder, until all the letters were gone and we only clapped:
I know a shape and it means "Love,"
and "Heart" is it's name-oh.
[clap] - [clap] - A - R - T
[clap] - [clap] - A - R - T
[clap] - [clap] - A - R - T
and "Heart" is it's name-oh.
Then at the end, I would see if they could remember all the letters and put them back up.  One of my volunteers brilliantly pointed out how there were several other words hidden within the word "heart":  "hear," "ear," "art," and "he."
Then, since I like to multi-purpose, on the other side of the hearts I drew faces and added googly-eyes (because googly-eyes always make things better, of course), then cut out the numbers 1-5.  I used these with a couple of different rhymes.
"Five Little Hearts"
Five little hearts, all in a row.
(Hold up five fingers, point to row)
The first one said, "I love you so."
(Hold up 1 finger, put up number 1, make sign for love)
The second one said, "Will you be my valentine?"
(Hold up 2 fingers, put up number 2)
The third one said, "I will if you'll be mine."
(Hold up 3 fingers, put up number 3)
The fourth one said, "I will always be your friend."
(Hold up 4 fingers, put up number 4, make sign for friend)
The fifth one said, "We'll be friends until the end!"
(Hold up 5 fingers, put up number 5, make sign for friend)

"Valentines, Valentines"
Valentines, valentines, how many do you see?
(hold hands out, palms up)

Valentines, valentines, count them all with me.
(gesture to self)

One for father, one for mother
(Hold up first and second fingers, put hearts on board with or without numbers)

One for grandma, too.
(Hold up third finger, put another heart on board)

One for sister, one for brother,
(Hold up fourth and fifth fingers, put up remaining hearts)

And here is one for you!
(Make heart with thumbs & fingers)

Happy Valentine's Day!

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