Friday, February 5, 2016

Flannel Friday - Five Little Flowers

I am in the process of developing a kit for my Storytime-To-Go program with a "Garden" theme, and decided to make this felt set to go with the "Five Little Flowers" rhyme I have used previously to go in it.

"Five Little Flowers"
(place flowers & sun on flannel board)

Five little flowers growing in a row    
(hold up five fingers, gesture to row)

The first one said, "We need rain to grow."    
(hold up 1 finger, imitate rain falling)

The second one said, "Yes, we need water!"    
(hold up 2 fingers, nod head)

The third one said, "Whew, it's getting hotter!"    
(hold up 3 fingers, wipe brow)

The fourth one said, "Look, there are clouds in the sky."
(4 fingers, point to sky; place clouds on board over sun)

The fifth one said, "I wonder why?"    
(5 fingers, hold palms out questioningly)

Then "BOOM" went the thunder,    
(clap hands together loudly)

And "ZAP" went the lightening.    
(draw zig-zag in air; put lightning bolt on flannel board)

That springtime storm was kind of frightening.    

But were the flowers scared?  No, no, no.    
(shake head; remove lightning bolt)

They knew they needed rain to grow, grow, grow.    
(hold hand above ground & raise; put raindrops on board)
*Source:, (with modification)

And as you know, I like my flannel sets to be multi-purpose if I'm going to invest the time into making them, so I found some more rhymes to go with them.

Five Little Flowers 2.0

One little flower growing just for you.
(hold up 1 finger, place one flower & sun on flannel board)

Up came another and then there were two.
(hold up 2 fingers, place 2nd flower on flannel board)

Two little flowers growing near a tree.
(hold up 2 fingers)

Up came another and then there were three.
 (hold up 3 fingers, put 3rd flower on board)

Three little flowers growing more and more.
(hold up 3 fingers, move hand up)

Up came another and then there were four.
(hold up 4 fingers; put 4th flower on board)

Four little flowers growing side by side.
(hold up 4 fingers)

Up came another and then there were five.
(hold 5 fingers up, place last flower on board)
Five Little Flowers 3.0
(this one counts down, so start with all 5 flowers & sun on flannel board)

Five little flowers growing by my door.
(hold up 5 fingers, 5 flowers on board)

I picked one, and then there were four.
(put one finger down, take 1 flower off board)

 Four little flowers I did see.
(hold up 4 fingers, point to eye)

I picked one, and then there were three.

(put 1 finger down, remove 1 flower from board)

Three little flowers, pretty and new.
(hold up 3 fingers)

I picked one, and then there were two.
(put 1 finger down, remove 1 more flower from board)

Two little flowers out in the sun.
(hold up 2 fingers)

I picked one and that left only one.
(put 1 finger down, remove 1 flower from board)

One little flower growing in the sun.
(hold up 1 finger)

I picked it too, and then there were none.
(put last finger down, remove last flower from board)

*Source:  Our Seasons of Joy (with modification)

Five Little Flowers 4.0
(let the kids call out the colors as you put the flowers up)

Five little flowers growing in a row.
(hold up 5 fingers)

 The first one said, "I'm purple you know."
(hold up 1 finger, put purple flower on flannel board)

The second one said, "I'm pink as pink can be."
(hold up 2 fingers, put pink flower on flannel board)

The third one said, "I'm blue like the sea."
(hold up 3 fingers, put blue flower on board)

The fourth one said, "I'm a pale, white fellow."
(hold up 4 fingers, put white flower on board)

The fifth one said, "My color is yellow."
(hold up 5 finger, put yellow flower on board)

Then out came the sun, big and bright, and 5 little flowers smiled with delight.
(put sun on flannel board, hold up 5 fingers, smile)
*Source:  Zan's Early Childhood Printables (modified to fit colors I used)

(Sorry the pictures aren't better, the lighting is really weird in my house)

I found clipart to use as patterns to cut out my felt pieces.  You could also find some you like and print on cardstock, laminate, and put magnets or velcro on the back if you don't have the time or inclination to make them from felt (these were a little more time consuming than I expected since I took the time to outline & add detail with a sharpie).  You could probably draw your own with Microsoft's "shapes" tool in Word or Publisher as well, and I'm sure there are even more "Five Little Flower" rhymes out there than the ones I found.

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