Friday, June 8, 2018

Flannel Friday - Sharks & Fishies

So, I had an interview* recently where I was asked to prepare a storytime plan. I decided to have fun with it and not overthink things for a change, and just go with a theme that I've done a few times and always have fun with, "Shark Week". I do a Shark Week theme every year and already had some really fun books and a few good songs, so I decided to come up with a couple of additional activities using flannel & felt props as well.

Five Little Fishies, shark flannel rhyme, shark fingerplay
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Five Little Fishies & Mr. Shark

Five little fishies, swimming in the sea.
(hold up 5 fingers, move hand)

Teasing Mr. Shark, "You can't catch me!"
(singsong voice)

Along comes Mr. Shark, as quiet as can be,
(move hands together in wavy motion)

And SNAPPED that fishy right out of the sea!
(open arms and clap together)

Four little fishies..... (continue counting down to zero)

No little fishies, swimming in the sea.
Just Mr. Shark, as full as can be!

This is obviously a take off on the old rhyme with monkeys & an alligator. I just found some clipart to use for patterns and used colored Sharpies to add details, plus googly eyes (googly eyes always make things better!). You could also use the 5 fish by themselves with the following classic children's rhyme to count up:

Five Little Fishies Swimming In A Pool

Five little fishies, swimming in a pool.
(5 fingers, move hand to indicate swimming)

The first one said, "The pool is cool"
(1 finger, shiver)

The second one said, "The pool is deep"
(2 fingers, hold hand up high)

The third one said, "I want to sleep"
(3 fingers, lay head on hands)

The fourth one said, "Let's dive and dip!"
(4 fingers, move hand up and down)

The fifth one said, "I spy a ship!"
(5 fingers, look out)

Along comes a boat, a line goes KERSPLASH!
(move hand like boat,move finger in arch)

Away the five little fishies dash!
(5 fingers, move hand away quickly)

I'll share the second one in another post soon, so stay tuned!  FYI, the Discovery Channel's "Shark Week" kicks off July 22.

*I'm extremely happy to report I did get the job!! Next month I will move from Outreach to the Children's Department of our busiest branch. I super excited to be back in a children's department, and working with some awesome children's librarians there!

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